Rocket League Rules


Player: tournament participant, partner of StreamFighters ASD or GEC

BOX: X (number of matches), Best of X (best of X) wins who scores more wins on X matches

FTX: X (number of matches), First To (first to win X) wins first to win X wins

Ex. BO3=FT2: the player who first totals two points wins

The matches are divided into Match (matches), Match are divided into Round


● Title: Rocket League

● Platform: Playstation 4

● Mode: 3vs3


● 3vs3 Tournament at the best of 3 challenges (BO3/FT2)

● Settings that will be set in “Private game” after inviting the two opponents and the teammate:

    • Time Limit: 5 minutes
    • Arena: Casual Arena
    • Size of the team: 3vs3
    • Bot Difficulty: No bots
    • Region: Europe
    • Customization: None

● In case of connection problems (lag, disconnection), the game should be restarted from the minute you arrived and keeping the same score.

● The player who will fly the game (that is the one who will offer to host) must communicate to the other participants the name and the password of the same, so as to make possible their access.

At the end of the meeting the teams will communicate the result to the tournament admin. In case of controversy over the result, it will be the concern of the team itself to produce photographic material as evidence (picture of the screen with the results).


The event must be an opportunity for sociality, new meetings and healthy competition in full respect of the code of ethics of sport, so are not tolerated
antisportual, racist, rude, offensive, vulgar, any out-of-order practice likely to procure an advantage during
competition and any other attitude not in line with the sporting spirit of the Event. Every tournament run by ASD StreamFighters makes
Reference to the Ethics Code of the GEC sector category visible at
Every player must take great care in the use of the equipment made available by the organization, it is strictly forbidden to damage or
Dirty PC, Console, Monitor, peripherals.
Anyone who fails to comply with the rules and the code of conduct will be punished. The type of sanction is at the discretion of the organisation that will assess
seriousness and recidivism of the infringement and may be:

● Verbal warning

● Loss of Round or Match or Match

● Disqualification from the tournament

● Removal from the game area with possible expulsion from the Association