Fifa 20 Rules


Player: tournament participant, partner of StreamFighters ASD or GEC


Tournament with round + direct elimination or double elimination based on number of participants

Game duration 10min (5min per time)

Additional duration 2min 30sec + rigors


● Title: Fifa 20

● Platform: Playstation 4

● Group Tournament + direct elimination

● Mode: 1 vs 1


● Mode: Exhibition mode

● Game speed: Normal

● Camera type: default

● Team Selection: Club/National except:

    • World XI
    • Classic XI
    • Adidas All-Star Team
    • MLS All Stars

● Players settings: Any

● Configuration of Keys: Any


For all personal settings the maximum time available is 2 minutes

Beginning the game, any setting is considered definitive and accepted by the player

Training: the setting of your training is allowed, but without the use of external memories

Key settings and configuration: personal configurations are allowed


● Level of difficulty: Legend

● Duration Time: 5 min

● Injury: yes

● Referee: Case study

● Additional time: yes

● Penalty kicks: yes

● Number of replacements: 3

● Season: in the summer

● Hourly range: 21

● Weather conditions: clear weather

● Out of play: yes

● Cards: yes

● Hand Fall: Yes (except in area)

● Stadium: classic

● Balloon: default


● Choosing teams: free

● Group Tournament + direct elimination

● Participants will be randomly coupled by the software used

● Duration of time 5min

● In the event of a tie: additional time

● In case of further tie: penalty kicks

● In case of game or console crash, after verifying the players’ real strangeness (intentional or accidental shutdown of the device), the organization will repeat the entire time compromised, keeping the score of any previously played times unchanged.


The event must be an occasion for sociality, new encounters and healthy competition in full respect of the code of ethics of sport, so are not tolerated anti-Portuguese, racist, rude, offensive, vulgar, any out-of-order practice likely to procure an advantage during the competition and any other attitude not in line with the sporting spirit of the Event. Each tournament managed by StreamFighters ASD refers to the code of ethics of the GEC sector that can be viewed at
Every player must take extreme care in the use of the equipment made available by the Organization, it is strictly forbidden to damage or dirty PC, Console, Monitor, peripherals.
Anyone who fails to comply with the rules and the code of conduct will be punished. The type of sanction is at the discretion of the organisation that will assess the seriousness and recidivism of the infringement and may be:

● Verbal warning

● Loss of Round or Match or Match

● Disqualification from the tournament

● Removal from the game area with possible expulsion from the Association