Our great ESPORT event at MODEL EXPO ITALY  in Verona!

eSport & Show – Second stage of the GTES Championship and FULL TIME fun!


Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of March 2020


Fiera di Verona, Viale del Lavoro 8

Gamers Arena  is preparing for the 2020 edition of  Model Expo Italy in Verona with 130 gaming stations, lots of FREE PLAY titles, two competitive ESPORT ARENAS and shows to have fun together on our stage! 

We are waiting for you to participate in the “Quiz Senza Frontiere” with our inimitable Locke and challenge your friends for the title of “King of the Hill”. There will be web guests to play with the public.

The second stage of the GameTekk eSport Series Championship will take place in the two ESPORT ARENAS an event of great importance for Italian athletes and players. The competitive titles at Model Expo will be: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken7 e FIFA20. 

The competitive areas will be reserved for the participants of the tournament and equipped with professional stations with Zowie monitor, headset with audio amplification for complete environmental isolation, audience with screen for the public, caster area and streaming. The finals instead, will be held on stage.

Info & Registrations: Link coming soon!

In the large FREE PLAY area and #4FUN Tournaments we will have a wide offer, all completely free!

Titles like:: Tekken 7, FIFA20, the famous Fortnite, for a “Battle Royale” in Private Lobby with the players present at the event and the latest Gaming 2020 News. Fun guaranteed then, with the multiplayer mode for four players with: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 e WWE2k20.

Between one game and another, it will be impossible not to stop and dance to the most popular songs on the dancefloor of “Just Dance 2020” and why not, release the tension and do some stretching with the brand new “Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure”. 

You can visit the interactive GameTekk Village with the official Store, to try the latest news in the gaming sector and participate in the export activities of Notorious Legion Esport

The “Zowie Experience” will also be available in our Arena, an exclusive area where you can test first-hand a real eSport PC professional workstation thanks to the Zowie XL2546 e XL2546 Divina monitor, together with all the accessories, from the keyboard, to the mouse, to the mats. , all designed for maximum performance during competitions


more info COMING SOON