It was held on the weekend of 10 and 11 February 2018, our event The Ring: Round 3” at the first and historic 2018 edition of the Nerd Show in Bologna at Bologna Fiere.

On this occasion, we started the stages of the EFC (esport fighting Cup) championship and organized the first Italian Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament. 

In our 1500 sq m area, the SFV, Tekken and DBFZ tournaments took place and the faithful collaboration with Tekken Emilia Team was born. In addition to the gaming stations equipped with professional Zowie monitors, we have also dedicated an area for live streaming. 

Among our guests, in fact, we also welcomed the courses that cast the final stages of the EFC.

Giorgio Vanni and cosplayer Milena Vigo gave us a fun match at DBFZ on stage and the public could have fun participating in the first edition of the then “NERD Arena Quiz” of Locke. I.  

“The Ring: Round 3” was also, heartstone blizzard stop and thank MSI Gaming for providing PCs.