“The Ring: Round 7” was spectacular. On the days of 12 and 13 September, for us gamers Arena was an immense pleasure to see so many families and pro players gathered in our area. 

Modena Nerd was in fact, theatre of the Finals of GameTekk Championship esport Series 2019, with a total prize pool of €6500 for the 10 competitive tournaments organized. 

We were also delighted to have recorded a total of more than 200 GEC members, 65 of them at the Tekken World Tour DOJO, thus beating the Italian record.

In addition to the expo competitions held in the two arenas dedicated to “Tekken7” and “Super Smash Bros Ultimate”, among the 150 stations with monitors Zowie RL2460s, it was also possible to try the new titles 2019, participate in fortnite tournaments, try the virtual reality and dance the songs of the moment in the Area Just Dance along with the body of dance “Hip Hop medolla”.

On stage there was no lack of laughter thanks to the participation of the public in the“Quiz without Frontiers” and our special guest on Sunday: Sbiser! 

The youngest of the audience had a lot of fun getting on the Ring and playing Minecraft with their favorite youtuber!

The event was constantly told live streaming on the Twitch channel of and our guests of Project Gaming. The championship finals were held on the Ring and saw the participation of caster d’exception as Peter Law and aligi comandini, but also pingu and loci of Smash Bros. Italy, the Tekken Emilia boys who managed the Tekken7, Combo Republic, Dragon Ball FighterZ Italian League and F.G.C.R. tournament.

We thank all participants for making the weekend in Modena Nerd 2019 literally unforgettable! 

Thanks also go to our Sponsors and collaborators who have allowed the success of the event:

  • Zowie: main sponsor of The Ring: Round 7” for the supply of ZowieRL2460s, “head-tohead” and lag-free monitors.
  • GameTekk
  • Notorious Legion esport
  • hori
  • Trust Gaming
  • borangame
  • MSI
  • EF Gaming Chair
  • Milena Vigo

See you in the next Arena!

The video of “THE RING: Round 7” in Modena Nerd 2019.

Last stage of the GTES championship for the final #GameTekkeSportSeries with LCQ and TWT Dojo that saw the participation of athletes prepared from all over Italy!

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