Our Arena in the 2018 edition of Modena Nerd on 15 and 16 September, saw the unfolding of the fourth edition of our leading expo event, The Ring: Round 4”, with the presence of 20,000 visitors in 1,500 square meters of space. 

We thank ZOWIE as main Sponsor of “The Ring”for providing professional monitors lag-Free #ZowieRL2460 for all gaming stations and contributing to cash prizes during the EFC Championship (esport fighting Cup).

Our thanks for the success and success of the event also go to:

  • Razer: prizes for the first and second positions of SFV Tekken7 and DBFZ Tournaments.
  • Nowave: prizes for the first and second positions of the SFV, Tekken7 and DBFZ Tournaments.
  • MSI Gaming: High-performance professional PC.
  • Trust Gaming: prizes for heartstone, fortnite, PES2019, SSFVII Turbo, Mario Tennis aces, Rocket League tournaments and for providing peripherals for PC stations.
  • DRIVEgum – Energy & Concentration
  • official media partner
  • Tekken Emilia: support and management of the Tekken7 tournament.