For the third consecutive year, gamers Arena was present at the “Gonzaga Comics & Games” 2018 at the Gonzaga Millenary Fair.

On the days of the 8th and 9th December, the last stage of the EFC championship (esport fighting Cup) was held before the Top 8 Grand finals at the Nerd Show in Bologna 2019.

We greet the guys of “Penny Games – retrogaming & Arcade Part” who with their bartops have made us relive the joys of the games rooms of the 80s and 90s and friends Team Tekken Emilia who with their expertise and sympathy, They ran the Tekken7 tournament. 

We thank ZOWIE esport, Main Sponsor gamers Arena, for providing 30 professional screens #ZowieRL2460 lag-Free, officially recognized by Sony PlayStation 4.

Official sponsor of EFC:

  • Razer: prizes for first positions of SFV, Tekken7 and DBFZ. Arcade stick
  • PANTHERA, pad for professional RAIJU export and the different official gadgets.
  • Nowave: 3 pairs of glasses with blue anti-light lens.