The flagship event for Italian gamers, Nerd Show Bologna on 8 and 9 February 2020, was a real successful explosion!

Pow3r, Sbriser, Vittorio Loffredo, Bellafaccia and Rebby animated our Ring with Minecraft and Fortnite gameplay live and chatted with a truly excited audience to be able to interact personally with their idols.

The 3600sqm Gamers Arena area included over 90 seats with ZowieRL2460s monitors for EXPORT and FREE PLAY tournaments with Next Gen titles and # 4FUN tournaments, a large FORTNITE area, Just Dance 2020 area and Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure for the enjoyment of the whole family. Official stores such as the “GameTekk Village” and the “Zowie Experience” with the display and test of professional PC monitors XL2546 and XL2546Divina.

The gaming titles available were: Fortnite, FIFA20, Beat Saber VR, League of Legends, Mario Kart 8, WWE2k20, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Tekken7, Street Fighter V and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Great crowds to experience the wide range of adventures possible with the virtual reality of “VRUMS – Virtual Reality Rooms”, the board games and workshops of “Bologna Nerd” and the retrogaming corner of “PennyGames”. The second stage of the “CVL 2020” National Championship of “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare” and League of Legends TFT with TCU and Gaming Consulting was also held.

In the Ring we started both mornings running away from Raccoon with the Resident Evil Speedrun on stage, subsequently the public was able to participate in the now renowned and always fun “Quiz Without Borders” with Locke and challenge each other to the “Minecraft Quiz” to play the chance to go on stage with the guests.


In this first stage of the #GameTekkEsportSeries 2020 Championship, the tournaments of Tekken7 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate were held, with a total prize pool worth € 900.

The two ESPORT ARENA have been set up to ensure maximum comfort and professionalism for players with Zowie RL2460s monitors, headsets with audio amplification, audience with screen for the public and an area dedicated to caster and streaming.

Peter Sm and Aku x Neo, Tekken Emilia, Galeon and Midoriss of Super Smash Bros Italia, followed and cast respectively the Tekken7 and SSBU tournaments, for all phases of the tournament. The streaming was broadcast on’s Twitch channel and the finals were held as usual, on our majestic Ring.

In addition to the Championship tournaments, Street Fighter V and Dragon Ball FighterZ eSport tournaments were also organized with a total prize pool of € 830. We thank the Italian communities of SFV and DBFZ for their participation and management: F.C.G.R. and DBFZItalianLeague.

The prizes at stake were provided by Trust Gaming and Borangame.

Thanks to our collaborators:

  • Game Tekk: official sponsor of the GTES Championship.
  • Zowie: official partner of the GTES championship.
  • Borangame: the Made in Italy design brand for high quality Gaming Accessories.
  • Trust Gaming: #BuildingChampions
  • Tekken Emilia: coordination and management of “Tekken7” tournaments.
  • official mediapartner.
  • Penny Games – Retro Gaming & Arcade Parts: Bartop and Retro Console
  • VRUMS: Virtual Reality Rooms Italy.
    Bologna Nerd.
  • Game Over Computer.
  • Notorious Legion Esport.
  • Gaming Consulting and TCU eSports.
  • Peter Law and Combo Republic
  • Super Smash Bros. Italia.
  • DBFZItalianLeague.
  • FCGR and Geecko.

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