Fortnite Rules


Player: tournament participant, partner of StreamFighters ASD or GEC

RUN: development of a Battle Royale


Leaderboard Tournament Direct Elimination Score


● Title: Fortnite

● Platform: PC

● Mode: Royal Battle (single mode)


In case of unsportsmanlike behaviour or in any case where the player performs incorrect actions to gain an advantage, such as
example intentionally closing the game phase, the player will be immediately disqualified

● In case of game crash, after verifying the players’ real extraneousness, the organization will repeat the compromised Battle Royale

Players must be present throughout the duration of the tournament, in case of removal you must notify the Organization in order
to avoid repeated calls. After THREE calls, the Organization can assign ZERO points to the player

● Any other decision outside the Rules shall be made at the discretion of the Organization

● All players must scrupulously follow the directions of tournament admins

● In case of disputes the decision of admins will not be discussed

● The number of RUN per shift and the number of shifts may vary according to the number of participants


● Players have a maximum of 5 minutes to prepare for the game

● Other game peripherals are allowed in addition to those installed that must be installed by the player without creating delays to the tournament and however within the 5 minutes of pre-match

● Players can use their account by logging in to game servers

● After 5 minutes of pre-match time, you start the Battle Royale without further exceptions

● Players who are not ready to start the Battle Royale before the pre-match time will be awarded ZERO points

● Once ready and only after the signal of’admin, players can start the Battle Royale

● After the Battle Royale, the player must:

-Stay in your seat
– Select “display game statistics”
– Raise your arm to warn the tournament admin
– Get your hands off the game peripherals and the table

● Any impediment that will not allow admins to record the game score, will assign the player ZERO points

The tournament takes place in direct elimination rounds, in each round players will play one or more RUNs, at the end of which will be drawn up a
provisional ranking. Leaders in the leaderboard will move on to the next round.


Players who had access to the last round will overwhelm the score obtained in their RUN (or series) with the score obtained
in the previous round. The first place finisher of the previous round will receive a bonus of 20 points. The updated ranking will be that


The ranking will be based on the placement in the RUN (you have to table below) + 6 kill points, in case of parity
An additional point will be awarded to the player with the value “Damage to players” higher.


The event must be an opportunity for sociality, new meetings and healthy competition in full respect of the code of ethics of sport, so are not tolerated
antisportual, racist, rude, offensive, vulgar, any out-of-order practice likely to procure an advantage during
competition and any other attitude not in line with the sporting spirit of the Event. Every tournament run by ASD StreamFighters makes
Reference to the Ethics Code of the GEC sector category visible at
Every player must take great care in the use of the equipment made available by the organization, it is strictly forbidden to damage or
Dirty PC, Console, Monitor, peripherals.
Anyone who fails to comply with the rules and the code of conduct will be punished. The type of sanction is at the discretion of the organisation that will assess
seriousness and recidivism of the infringement and may be:

● Verbal warning

● Loss of Round or Match or Match

● Disqualification from the tournament

● Removal from the game area with possible expulsion from the Association