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Gamers Arena was born from the desire to share and spread the passion for video games. The goal of our team is to create opportunities for meeting and sporting competition in places where children, families and proGamers can have fun thanks to the variety of entertainment offered by electronic games.

In our areas, fun is the basis of everything.
You can find, in fact, from the last games released, to the oldest consoles in the corner “Retro Gaming”; areas completely dedicated to Tournaments expo with professional positions and designed for the general public, areas completely FREE PLAY with games always current, areas dedicated to contamination of other sports such as“Just Dance” and official Store of our major Partners and Sponsors.

Our team deals with export events at 360 degrees. In addition to planning and promoting the Sports Championships, we personally set up our video game areas with professional products and organize entertainment video games on our special stage: a real Ring!

On the Ring we welcome web guests who create dynamic and engaging situations with the public, organize entertainment games and make it possible to attend the finals of the Tournaments expo thanks to the maxi screen, audience, booth of direction, caster station and awards corner.

Gamers Arena actively contributed in 2004 to the birth of the GEC (competitive electronic games) and continues to promote also individually and in collaboration with the main trade fair bodies, au pair export of traditional sport, organizing over 100 tournaments a year in Italy with more than 1000 players participating.

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